HardieShingle Siding

Timeless Style. Lasting Durability.

HardieShingle with ColorPlus® Technology not only offers the durability and lower maintenance you expect from all James Hardie siding products, but it also creates an exceptionally beautiful, authentic cedar look and feel for your home.

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HardieShingle Siding Details

James Hardie now offers:

  • 5" & 7" Exposure HardieShingle Straight-Edge Panels
  • 6" Exposure HardieShingle Staggered-Edge Panels
  • 5" & 7" Exposure Individual Shingles


HardieShingle Straight-Edge Panel

  • Thickness: 1/4"
  • Sizes: 48" x 15.25" Panels (7" exposure)
  • 48" x 14" Panels (5" exposure)
  • Widths: 7 per panel (4.2"-10")
  • Available with ColorPlus Technology

HardieShingle Staggered-Edge Panel

  • Thickness: 1/4"
  • Size: 48" x 15.88" Panels (6" exposure)
  • Widths: 7 per panel (4.2"-10")
  • Available with ColorPlus Technology

HardieShingle Individual Shingles

  • Thickness: 1/4"
  • Sizes: 15.25" (7" exposure)
  • 14" (5" exposure)
  • Widths: 4.2", 5.5" (2), 6.75", 7.25" (2), 10"(7" exposure)
    3.5", 4.5" (2), 5.5" (2), 7.0" (2), 8.75" (5" exposure)
  • Available with ColorPlus Technology

Half Rounds

  • Thickness: 1/4"
  • Size: 48" x 15.25" Panels (7" exposure)
  • Widths: 7 per panel (6.6")
  • Available primed only.
Product and Color Availability


"I've owned 3 houses on this street. Since my re-side, I consider this my 4th!"

— Bill from Illinois

Lasting Durability

Trust the 5.5 million homeowners who have chosen James Hardie siding products to provide them exceptional durability and long-term cost savings.

Like all James Hardie siding products, HardieShingle is Engineered for Climate to provide improved protection from your local climate. Unlike wood-based siding products which may rot, curl, warp or split from extended exposure to moisture, James Hardie siding products resist the harshest weather conditions, prolonging the life of the siding. Plus, James Hardie siding products resist the spread of flame, providing greater security from fire than wood and plastic-based siding products.
















When UV levels, wind, rain, pests and flame are at their worst, HardieShingle siding delivers lasting durability and protection for your biggest asset.

"We chose HardieShingle for our home because we had dealt with lots of maintenance problems in the past and we didn't want to have ongoing maintenance. We wanted a product that we didn't have to dedicate time or attention to."

— Willis from Connecticut

Low Maintenance Exterior

Not only are James Hardie siding products with ColorPlus Techology built to last, they are designed to hold paint for a long time, creating annual cost savings and minimal maintenance.

While the paint on wood-based siding products has a tendency to crack and fade, ColorPlus Technology optimizes paint adhesion and slows fading because it's specifically formulated for use on fiber cement and is applied at the factory to eliminate the risks and inconsistencies of field painting.

Offered in more than 20 colors, ColorPlus Technology reveals a beautiful, consistent finish. James Hardie siding with ColorPlus Technology holds its color longer than plastic-based siding products, keeping a beautiful finish longer.

Thanks to the nature of James Hardie siding products with ColorPlus Technology, you'll avoid demanding and expensive maintenance cycles, generating free time for your family and cost savings for your pocket.

HardieShingle - Low Maintenance Exterior
HardieShingle siding on a home

Authentic Design

Get the perfect match of durability, low maintenance and design. With HardieShingle, you get the warm, realistic look of shingle or shake. HardieShingle offers enhanced design over plastic shake by featuring true keyways and woven corners, achieving an authentic, handcrafted aesthetic.

"We wanted to recreate the cedar shake look. When we looked at other products, they didn't look very authentic. But when our builder showed us HardieShingle, it resembled real cedar. Now we're thrilled. Plus, I like that the plank siding matches the shingle siding and it's all from one company. "

— Karen from Massachusetts

Beautiful Color

ColorPlus logo ColorPlus colors - not available in all areas check color and product availability.

*The colors shown may not be available on all James Hardie products.
View product and color availability here.

Our portfolio of more than 20 ColorPlus Technology colors gives you the ability to create a unique home that reflects you and your family! Our colors have been handpicked by our color expert to reflect regional housing styles, environmental surroundings and extensive research around home styles, trends and your style preferences! With ColorPlus Technology, you can count on a beautiful, consistent finish, timeless curb appeal and an exterior that feels like home.

Choose HardieShingle with ColorPlus Technology!

Product and Color Availability

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HardiePlank lap siding HardiePlank
HardiePanel siding HardiePanel
HardieShingle siding HardieShingle
HardieSoffit HardieSoffit
HardieTrim Boards HardieTrim / Moulding
HardieWrap HardieWrap

Complete Exterior Solution

Choose a complete James Hardie exterior including siding, trim, soffit, fascia and crown molding to ensure your whole home is protected by a single manufacturer warranty. By doing so, you'll not only maximize the home's value but you'll minimize recurring ownership costs in the form of re-sides and maintenance.

Learn more at www.jameshardie.com.

Peace of Mind with Every Product

Trusted by architects, builders, contractors and homeowners alike, James Hardie stands behind the design, durability and strength of its products. James Hardie offers exceptional warranties to provide you and your family peace of mind.

  • HardiePlank®, HardieShingle, HardiePanel®, HardieSoffit®
    • 30 year non-prorated, limited warranty
    • 100% coverage at year 30
  • HardieTrim® & ColorPlus Technology finishes
    • 15 year limited warranty

#1 Return on Investment

James Hardie® fiber cement siding has been ranked the #1 Return on Investment by Remodeling magazine 8 years in a row. If you are thinking about remodeling, there is no project, including updating a kitchen or bathroom, that gives you greater returns at the time of sale than a complete exterior from James Hardie.

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